The Official CBD of Professional Bull Riders

Chronic pain is part of every professional bull rider’s life. Sitting atop a 1,500-pound hair-covered tornado that is trying to dislodge that cowboy as fast as possible, aches and pains can affect virtually every part of their bodies. To be the best, they can’t let pain win. And that’s where AUDACIOUS Wreck Relief comes in. If it can get them back in the chute, it can certainly help you.


Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride: Eli Vastbinder

Presented by Audacious Wreck Relief. For those cowboys, there is no other option than to get up and ride. Eli Vastbinder captured the hearts of many when he rode through incredible pain at he 2021 PBR World Finals. Get tickets to PBR: Us On Social Media : Facebook - - https

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